Contingency Fees

No Fee Unless & Until We Win

Many individuals who need legal help after an accident or injury are hesitant to pursue it. This is often because they believe that retaining a Riverside personal injury attorney could put them in an even more difficult spot financially than the one they may already be facing due to missed wages and expensive medical bills, due to steep legal and attorney fees.

This is not the case! At The Law Offices of Vetchtein & Associates, we work on a contingency fee basis. Put simply, this means that we don’t charge any legal fees to our clients until and unless they win their cases. If you don’t recover, you don’t owe us anything. It’s as simple as that.

How Contingency Fees Help

The contingency fee system has many implications for your case.

Because of this policy:

  • You can have confidence getting the legal help you need.

  • You don’t have to worry that your decision to call a Riverside personal injury lawyer will put you in a dangerous position financially.

  • You can have faith knowing that your lawyer is equally invested in your case and has every incentive to win on your behalf.

  • You don’t have to wait until you are able to go back to work, save up enough money, or get your financial matters in order after an accident: You can pursue the legal help you need right now!

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